Reddy’s Vibrant and Pop-Up Mehendi for #Keshvee designed by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla executed by E-factor Entertainment is a must see!

The country’s most talked about wedding has become a social media burst with pictures flooding from their elite guest list! You just need to type #keshvee on insta or facebook and you can see the magnitude of the ceremonies held over 3 days.

For Mehendi function, E-Factor Team from Delhi designed and executed an offbeat look that is a must see. Everything about it is a Photo Opt to die for !

WED Tease managed few pictures of the Mehendi to share first exclusive with its readers.


Take 1 : The gorgeous seatings and not to miss Pop-Up styled fans ! Super Cute. 



Take 2: Check out the amazing Scooter Serving Table! Super Fancy. 



Take 3: For your Picture Love! 



Take 4: Cease your moment for Family Picture ! 



Take 5: Lunching Space and buffet windows ! Like a vintage garden cafe.



Take 6: Tented Seating Corner with a buffet spread! Mixing Rustic and Vintage is just so cool.



Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla and Team E-Factor together makes it a galore of fun and unique! 




exclusive with wedtease | blog by wedtease

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