Its not only about Capturing… Ram Bherwani is giving us earnest Photography Goals!

Ram Bherwani shares these prodigious and award-winning pictures of the Bride which are giving us serious photography goals. You will flow in the emotions that a Bride carries on her wedding days!






















ram Ram Bherwani


Brides biggest dream is her wedding!
Its the most important day of her life and she is the most beautiful person on the day.

I sincerely put my heart and soul to achieve smile on their faces. My efforts has always been to do “extra on plate”.

As we connect with families we get a vibe that helps us in bringing out the memories. When we are invited for family dinners which usually happens pre-wedding day is when we start understanding the family, their emotions and how they connect with each other. We become a part of the family over these days and this feeling keeps us going. There is a lot of positivity cocooned.

I personally choose to go with the open mind with no referrals to opt! I want to blend fashion and art in every project I undertake.

We are on-spot decision makers for the capturings and few hours prior to the functions, we get the essence of the place that elevates our ideation further.

I have my subordinates who are much more than a decade-old and understand my thought process. I usually make a watsapp group for a particular project and being a fashion photographer I try to infuse a sense of fashion in weddings. I have also become impromptu on site for I pick up a camera and…..just start clicking… each moment counts! 

I must tell you we are blessed to be able to deliver as per our client’s expectations and I feel elated. 


Ram Bherwani Productions
313 B, Hind Saurashtra Industrial Estate, Marol, Andheri East, Mittal Industrial Estate,
Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059
Phone: 098211 44908

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