“Wherever you pan your camera, its picturesque” says Luv Israni | Leh Ladakh | Israni Photography

Amidst nature lies an essence of LOVE and this is beautifully captured in this pre-wedding shoot styled by Luv Israni for Israni Photography.

Leh-Ladakh is the most loved destination. There’s enough read, heard and seen about its landscape. However, “Shades of its Beauty” are to die for that has attracted famous Bollywood Movies, well known Biker Trips and is definitely luring ‘to-be’ couples for their pre-wedding shoot. 

We see PRE WEDDING SHOOTS are more exciting? and WHY NOT? It is more RELIEVING and CAREFREE. 

A destination pre-wedding shoot lays a path that lets you bond with each other and shares a sense to celebrate the knot!

We surely envy those who are behind the lens.

Let the pictures do the talking !!

#israniphotography #luvisrani #wedtease #bollywoodmovies #lehladakh






#israniphotography #luvisrani #wedtease #bollywoodmovies #lehladakh

IP-N_A-IMG (7)

IP-N_A-IMG (6)

IP-N_A-IMG (5)

IP-N_A-IMG (4)

IP-N_A-IMG (3)

IP-N_A-IMG (2)

#israniphotography #luvisrani #wedtease #bollywoodmovies #lehladakh




wedtease | leh ladakh | pre wedding shoot | israni photography | luv israni 



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